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Introduction Video Aided Instruction’s English Grammar Series makes the tricky rules of English grammar easier to learn than ever before – whether you’re new to English or you’ve been speaking it for years! Like most languages, English strings words together into sentences in order to communicate ideas. But many people find it difficult to construct English sentences correctly. This program will teach you the basic principles that govern how English sentences are constructed, and how to put these principles to use when you create your own sentences! Before you begin studying, let us make a few recom-mendations. First, have a notebook and pen ready so you’re repared to take notes. You’ll probably want to use the many on-screen graphics to take notes for yourself – when you’re done, you’ll have a notebook on English grammar that you can refer back to again and again.Secondly, don’t orget to take advantage of your “pause” button while viewing the program. This will allow you to try to complete the exercises in this study guide before you view the answers on-screen.Finally, don’t try to absorb too much at one time. By viewing the program over a number of short sessions (instead of all at once), you’ll stay “fresher” and retain more of what you learn. And don’t forget: you can review the entire program, or specific sections, as many times as you need to!Now you can eliminate embarrassing mistakes from your speaking and writing forever. Let Video Aided Instruction be your guide !

Görsel ingilizce setinde anlatılan konular:

01 Sentence Structure DVD

02 Parts of Speech DVD

03 Sentence Complements DVD

04 Verbs DVD

05 Pronouns DVD

06 Agreement DVD

07 Modifiers DVD

08 Parallel Structure DVD

09 Punctuation DVD

10 Spelling & Capitalization DVD

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